What It Is; Race, Family, and One Thinking Man’s Blues by Clifford Thompson (Review by Stacey Lorenson)

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Rating:  3.4

What It Is should inspire conversations necessary for every American to have, in order to see their fellow Americans beyond their station in life or the color of their skin. Clifford Thompson reckons with why they choose not to in What It Is; Race, Family, and One Thinking Black Man’s Blues.

What It Is is an eloquent and thoughtful examination about the polarizing effects of racism in America.  Thompson treats this often-delicate subject, with a special brand of humor, love and patience for his fellow man.  In doing so, he raises the curtain on bias and its effects.

Clifford Thompson, a writer and professor, felt compelled to investigate all that he knew about and the prevailing attitude of  ‘us, against them’.   Through many interviews and introspection, Clifford Thompson takes a deep dive into the catastrophic minority experience in America by examining the ideals of those who voted for and support Trump.  He examines three main reasons for the recent conflicts plaguing the United States; indifference, denial and ignorance.  What It Is, melds Thompson’s concept of blues music, love and hope for his family, and his experience as a black man in America during these tumultuous times.

He includes verbatim eye-opening interviews from both sides; Trump supporters and those negatively affected by his administration.  I would have appreciated a few more interviews, if only to get a broader opinion base from both sides.  The ending of the book left me wanting to hear more from Thompson on the subject.

I encourage everyone to read and discuss this thought-provoking book. Thompson reaches to the core of racism and chooses to ask questions instead of making judgements.  I applaud Thompson for tackling this subject and enthusiastically recommend What It Is!!

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