What We Find by Robyn Carr (Review by Emma O’Neil)

2 min read

While not entirely disappointing, I didn’t find this book as gripping as I thought I would, nor did it have the impact on me I was expecting it to have from reading the blurb.

The novel’s primary plot is about two adults slightly lost and finding their way in life while also finding each other, which I definitely feel has the makings to be a great story, however for me, something didn’t quite connect. I found the romance between Maggie and Cal to be a little rushed and a little unrealistic. It didn’t draw me in as much as I had hoped it would, although both characters are dealing with their own personal crises so I do love the message the author was trying to get across in saying good things can happen to you in the most difficult times in your life.

I found Sully to be a charming character and one that made me laugh, a hard working man with a hidden sentimental side, I couldn’t help but like him and I enjoyed his outlook on life. Through Sully and using the campsite as it’s setting, the novel definitely made me think about what happiness really is and where it can be found, and raises questions regarding how complicated life can be and how much the simple things in life should be appreciated.

The novel also deals with some complex themes such as mental illness however again I’m not sure these parts of the novel had the impact on me intended by the author, although I did also find some humour in the novel in a few comical scenes which I felt worked well in keeping the story well balanced.

All in all, I would describe the novel as an enjoyable read with some thought-provoking themes although not one I found myself gripped by.


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