You need to know by Nicola Moriarty Review by Simone Gigg

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Rating – 5/5

If you are looking for a book that you can’t put down then Nicola Moriarty’s latest book is for you.

Set in Sydney, Australia the book begins with a prologue that is set in the present day (Christmas Eve) and something has happened – an accident. You are then transported back to the 1 December and start to learn how each of those involved in the ‘accident’ end up being there. It follows each member of the family in the lead up to Christmas Eve and what each are dealing with. This story takes you through the struggles of motherhood, relationships with both siblings and partners and the fears of children. It is not just one thing ‘you need to know’, there are many. The twists and turns and lies keep you enthralled from the prologue to the last page.

Moriarty expertly takes you through each chapter with perspectives from some of the different characters but doesn’t quite give you all the information you desire and then each chapter begins with a little more information about the ‘accident’ and so you are left wanting to know what has happened to each person as well as what happens on Christmas Eve. It takes a very skilled author to create interest right from the beginning. You will fall in love with all the characters because Moriarty shows each of their vulnerabilities in such a raw and heartful way.

So, if you love books that have gripping drama and big twists and leave you wanting more, then pick up a copy today.

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