Yugoslavia, My Fatherland by Goran Vojnovic (A review by Simone Gigg)

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Rating – 4/5 Possible for book club, it is quite heavy so some may not really enjoy it. 
“When Vladan googles the name of his father Nedelko, a former officer in the Yugoslav People’s Army, he sees for himself how the disintegration of the world he once lived in is inextricably linked with the disintegration of his own family.
The story of the Borojevic family brings together and juxtaposes images of the Balkans past and present, drawing our attention to those who escaped the bombs but couldn’t avoid the war”.
I did not know a lot about the Yugoslav wars but this book was a really interesting read to learn about them through the story of one boy now man and how it has affected his life. It is well written because you can really feel the pain that Vladan has gone through in losing his father at the age of 11. It is a really interesting story of how Vladan coped as a child and how it now affects his current life and relationships. 
I think it would be a good book to discuss in the book club but it is quite deep and can be quite dark compared to what we usually read. I would recommend reading this if you would like to know more about this time in history as it is a quick and believe it or not an enjoyable read. 
A review by Simone Gigg

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